Elliott See


Full Name: Elliot McKay See Jr.
Born: July 27, 1927 in Dallas, TX
Died: February 28, 1966 (plane crash)
Joined NASA: September 7, 1962
Space Flights: 0


Gemini 5
Assignment: Back-up Pilot

Gemini 7 & 6A
Assignment: Capcom

Gemini 9
Assignment: Command Pilot
Mission reassigned to the backup crew after the deaths of Elliot See and Charles Bassett.


B.Sc., Science, US Merchant Marine Academy, 1949
M.Sc., Engineering, UCLA, 1962

1949-1953, Researcher with General Electric Company.

1953-1956, Naval Aviator.

1956-1962, Flight test enginner and Experimental Test Pilot until selection by NASA.

1965, Assigned as Gemini 9 Command Pilot in November.

February 28, 1966, died along with fellow astronaut and Gemini 9 crewmate Charles Bassett in the crash of their T-38 jet in St.Louis, Missouri.


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