Frank Michel


Full Name: Frank Curtis Michel
Born: May 6, 1934 LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Joined NASA: June 28, 1965
Left NASA: August 4, 1969
Space Flights: 0


B.Sc, Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1955
Ph.D., Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1962

Joined the USAF in 1955 and took flight training at Marana AFB in Arizona and Laredo and Perrin AFB’s in Texas.

Served three years as an Interceptor pilot in the US and Germany.

Resigned from NASA, shortly after the first lunar landing in August 1969 to return to teaching and research when he realized that flight opportunities for scientist-astronauts were still far down the road.

Accepted a position as Professor of Physics at Rice University, Houston, Texas.

1971-1972, Sabbatical, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University, New Jersey.

1974-1979, Chairman, Space Physics and Astronomy Department, Rice University.

1980-1983, advanced studies at the University of Paris, France and the Max Planck Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, later returning to Rice University.

Author of numerous papers and publications on Space Physics.


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