Jack Lousma


Full Name: Jack Robert Lousma
Born: February 29, 1936 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Joined NASA: April 4, 1966
Left NASA: October 1, 1983
Space Flights: 2
Time in Space: 67 days, 11 hours, 13 minutes
Number of EVAs: 2
Total EVA Time: 11 hours, 2 minutes


Apollo 9
Assignment: Support Crew

Apollo 10
Assignment: Capcom

Apollo 13
Assignment: Support Crew & Capcom

Skylab 3
July 28 – September 25, 1973
Assignment: Command Module Pilot

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Assignment: Back-up Command Module Pilot

March 22-30, 1982
Assignment: Commander


B.Sc., Aeronautical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1959
M.Sc., Aeronautical Engineering, US Naval Postgraduate School, 1965

Joined the US Marine Corps in 1959 and earned his wings in 1960 at the US Naval Air Training Command.

Prior to selection by NASA, assigned to the 1st Marine Air Wing as an attack pilot in Japan.

July-September, 1973, CMP aboard Skylab 3, a two month space station mission with crewmates Alan Bean and Owen Garriott.

March 1982, CDR of the STS 3 mission, the third orbital test flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Retired from NASA and the USMC in October 1983 to enter private industry later making one unsuccessful bid for the United States Senate.


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