Donn Eisele


Full Name: Donn Fulton Eisele
Born: June 23, 1930 in Columbus, Ohio
Died: December 2, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan (heart attack)
Joined NASA: October 17, 1963
Left NASA: June 1, 1972
Space Flights: 1
Time in Space: 10 days, 20 hours, 8 minutes
Number of EVA’s: 0


Apollo 7
October 11-22, 1968
Assignment: Command Module Pilot
Flight Duration: 10 days, 20 hours, 8 minutes

Apollo 10
Assignment: Back-up Command Module Pilot


B.Sc., US Naval Academy, 1952
M.Sc., Astronautics, USAF Institute of Technology, 1962
Graduate, USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards AFB, California.

Project Engineer and Experimental Test Pilot at the USAF Special Weapons Center at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.

October 11-22, 1968, CMP Apollo 7, the first test of the Apollo Command and Service Modules in earth orbit.

Left NASA in 1972 and retired from the USAF to become Director of the Peace Corps in Thailand.

Returned to work with Dresser Industries and the investment form of Oppenheimer & Company.

Was with Prudential-Bache Securities of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida when he died of a heart attack while on a business trip to Japan.


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